Tu me fais de l’effet de serre
Un livre ouvert sur le monde



À lire bientôt dans un avenir à venir



Waiting for something

As I’m going on the street this morning

I’m waiting for something

I’m waiting for something

You know it’s hard to be in a small town

Without your smile

Without your face

To put sunshine in my eyes

You’re my dreams

You’re my seasons

You’re my light

You’re the road that I took

I’d like to be out of here

It’s so foggy

And the smog that covers the sky

Is not good for my body

I don’t know

When we’ll meet again

But I hope that day is close

You’re waiting for me

And I’m waiting for your heart

Full of beautiful fields

It’s rainy today

And nobody walks on the street

So if you can hear me

Come to my room

I’m so all alone in this town

I’m not fool ’cause I love you my gal

I love you as much as the life

That flows in my soul

And I can’t sleep when the night is coming

You were so sweet the first day

I saw you

You danced with me

You took my hand

And we were so happy

Say to everybody

That we were waiting for nothing

Waiting for nothing


East Angus